Al-Haq [Archives:2003/635/Press Review]

May 12 2003

4 May 2003
Main headlines:
– Our students in Iraq suffer from bad situations
– PGC members give their votes to the Islah
– SARS threatens Aden people
– NDI report points to grave violations in the polling process
– Tawr al-Baha inhabitants demand for water supplies
– Changes in Aden governorate leading posts, expected
– GPC dominates Hadramout constituencies, Islah loses three constituencies
Columnist Abdulatif Kutubi Omar says in his article at last the polling process for the parliamentary elections came to its end and was followed by vote counting that had been overshadowed with mystery, contradictions and legal violations. The elections and their aftermath were also permeated with wars of words between the GPC and the Islah parties. The 27 April elections led to the sweeping majority win of the GPC while the opposition parties' candidates, especially the Islah sustained a setback they had not expected. Estimates of analysts and observers had earlier expected that the opposition candidates would gain a large number of seats in the parliament, more than what they had won in the 1997 parliamentary elections. In few days time the GPC would form its new government and the winner deputies would take their constitutional oath. The question is whether the language of the address would be different than that which had previously been repeated by the parliamentarians and we had heard in both 1993 and 1997 parliaments.