Al-Haq [Archives:2003/647/Press Review]

July 3 2003

29 June, 2003
Main headlines:
– A young girl found dead near tomato factory in Bajil, Hudeida
– Security forces settle dispute between two tribes
– World Bank, Aden branch has no credibility
– Nurse died inside a private clinic in Aden
– Pick pocketing gang in Taiz still active
– Ibb, a tourist city flooded with sewage water

Mr Ahmed Saleh al-Bukhari wrote an article on the shanty people segment in Yemen, saying there is a social segment in Yemen that historically has been connected to the life of deprivation and was left for centuries in this condition. They are the shanties inhabitants who deprived of the necessities of life and sharing the society in entertaining the basic rights such as water, electricity, telephone and education tc. it is regrettable that an organization that is not local or Arab or Muslim to be aware of this social segment's deteriorated situations, pay attention to it and holds a training course for media men to get acquainted with their visions about the social integration of the shanty quarter people. That organization is the French one ''DAYA''. The workshop was attended by many scientific, social and information personalities. The organization has built in Yemen many projects for rehabilitation of the inhabitation infrastructure, especially in the city of Taiz. By a scrutinizing consideration of the deteriorated situation of shanty people socially and in living for long centuries there must be some knowledge of he factors that led to this situation in order to work for rectifying them as an introduction to straightening the society's look of this segment. Here are many visions displayed by political parties and organizations and charitable societies about the question of social integration of the shanty people who are deprived of everything in an attempt to make them feel the importance of their existence in the society as part of it. Since the whole issue is general and comprehensive it requires a collective effort commensurate to its significance.