Al-Haq [Archives:2003/649/Press Review]

July 10 2003

6 July 2003
Main headlines;
– 52 children smuggled to be used in begging and other acts
– Two lovers kill an innocent youth near Taiz university wall
– large quantity of cable burnt near Jabal Hadeed military camp
Columnist Hadi Habeeb says in an article that the American occupation of Iraq has inaugurated a new colonialist stage that can be described as the phase of the American colonialism. Petroleum has remained a target for the colonialist powers since the world war one up to now. The question is which of the two colonialisms better The European old one adopted the principle of divide and rule to ensure its domination over all the riches including petroleum. It has portioned the lands and peoples and planted dissension between the rulers lest they should approach each other and unify their ranks. The new American colonialist epoch of Bush Jr. is following the policy of dividing the divided and partition the partitioned, not only in our Arab region alone but also in Africa and Asia. The evidence is what is implemented in dividing the region on ethnical and sectarian bases so that to make it easy to control and seize the riches, specifically the petroleum. By reading this road map we would find that the lands rich with oil in Saudi Arabia are situated in the eastern area, which has a dense Shiite population and having historical extensions with the Shiites of Iraq and Iran. After the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes Iraq. The areas of the biggest production of oil are in Rumaila in the south and Kirkuk in the north where the majority is Sunnis. It is not something unknown for the Yemenis how the areas where petroleum oilfield are situated and how they pose a threat to the Yemeni territorial integrity.