AL-HAQQ: Aden weekly, 4-1-98. (Independent) [Archives:1998/02/Press Review]

January 12 1998

Main Headlines: 1- 16 cars were sold through a ‘show’ public auctions at very low prices in Aden 2- Tribal sheikh gives refuge to a murderer in Taiz, and fails to hand him over to the police 3- Teachers in Ibb went on strike in protest over delay in their salary payments 4- Engineering cooperation agreement is signed by the Ahqaf University in Hadhramaut and the Iraq Article Summary: Three Appointments in a Month A new director of irrigation was appointed with the approval of the People’s General Congress (PGC), the governor of Abyan, the director of Ahwar, and the Irrigation Department there. A few days later, another person was appointed for the post with the approval of all the above organs, except the PGC. The PGC contacted the governor who rescinded the second appointment and re-instated the first director. Work at the Directorate of Irrigation in Ahwar is now chaotic. The director of Ahwar wants the second appointee, while, the PGC wants the first one.