AL-HAQQ: Aden (Weekly) 5-10-97. (Independent) [Archives:1997/41/Press Review]

October 13 1997

News Review: 1) Annexes at Ba-Sohaib Military Hospital secretly given to particular persons. 2) Free Yemeni-Swedish Hospital in Taiz gradually privatized – people distribute leaflets in protest. 3) Presidential Secretariat cuts off YR 400,000 monthly financial allowance paid to League of Sons of Yemen (Rabita) – move attributed to financial and administrative reform. 4) Parliamentary Speaker, Sheikh Al-Ahmer said in Syria; “our relationship with Saudi Arabia is more important than a fistful of dust.” 5) 4 soldiers severely beat 50-year-old opposition figure in front of his daughters in Al-Shihr – shots fired in the air and on daughter collapsed. 6) 2 PSO soldiers killed a man in Aden for trying to stop them searching his house without warrant. 7) School children compulsorily rehearsing parade in Aden were left without water in burning sun – they protested and refused to carry on.