Press Review [Archives:1998/05/Press Review]

February 2 1998

AL-HARRES: Sanaa fortnightly, 26-1-98.   (Ministry of Interior)   Main Headlines:   1- On his promotion to Major-General, the Minister of Interior received congratulatory messages from his Jordanian & Egyptian counterparts.   2- Mareb chief of security: “Kidnapping of foreign tourists is planned by Yemen’s enemies abroad.”   3- Deputy Minister of Interior, Brig. Jarhoom inspected Hajja Central Prison with Consultative Council committee.   4- Police Hospital in Sanaa to start registering patients according to their family I.D. card.   5- Sanaa woman, 26, committed suicide by drug overdose because of marital problems.   Article Summary:   Two Hunters & a Prey   It was lunch time, the two went into a very busy restaurant on Hadda Road that is usually frequented by the well off. The stood by the entrance pretending to be looking for an empty table. The prey was finally spotted. He took out a wad of money to pay the bill. Ghazi and Sahi followed him. The first bumped into the prey, making it look like an accident. The incident took a few seconds, but was enough for the money to be “transferred” form the prey’s pocket to the hunter’s. Unfortunately for them, the pickpockets were observed by a plainclothes policeman who happened to be standing nearby. “My money! My money!,” shouted the prey.   Sahi the lookout was immediately arrested. Following clever interrogation, he confessed as to the whereabouts of his accomplice. It later transpired that the two thieves were part of a 14-member gang who met in the mornings to divide the work and territories among themselves. [Archives:1998/05/Press Review]AL-MITHAQ: Sanaa weekly, 26-1-98.  (People’s General Congress)  
Main Headlines:  1- The President Delivers an important speech to the people of Yemen on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr.  2- PGC Secretary-General congratulates the political leadership on Eid.  3- PGC General Secretariat continues its meetings to set the appropriate mechanisms for PGC action program of 1998.  4- Foreign Minister, Dr. Al-Iryani to head Yemen’s delegation to arbitration hearings on the disputed Hunaish Island in London.  5- Minister of Interior: “The President’s call for tolerance does not contradict the trial of the secessionists and subversive elements.”  Article Summary:  Is Liberty on Trial in France? – By Mohammed Al-Lawzi  The trial of the Islamic thinker Raja’a Garoudie is disconcerting for many thinkers and intellectuals around the world. It seriously harms freedom of expression. Such a trial raises many questions in a country which is considered by many as an advanced model of liberty and respect for human rights.  The Zionists have riddled Europeans with so much guilt in order to be able to continuously blackmail them. Garoudie’s banned book exposes the Zionists’ exaggerated claims regarding the Holocaust.  The French law which criminalizes everyone who casts doubt, even if based on historical facts, on the Zionists’ allegations represents the beginning of curbing freedoms and violating human rights.