Al-Houthi supporters tried, journalists barred [Archives:2005/808/Local News]

January 17 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
The Sana'a Specialist Punitive Court held its third session on Jan. 10 looking into the case of supporters of Hussein Al-Houthi, the cleric who was killed during the Sa'ada insurgency against the government and organizer of the “Believing Youth”.

Judge Najeeb Al-Qadri went back on his previous decision concerning the permission of journalists to attend the trial and demanded the privacy of the sessions.

Sheikh Mohammad Miftah and Sheikh Al-Dailami appeared, having been detained by the security police following the events in Sa'ada over their alleged involvement in supporting Al-Houthi, appeared before the court.

The judiciary will look into the case files of 160 people suspected of standing by Al-Houthi and the violent acts against the government. The trials of Miftah and Al-Dailami are the first ones concerning Al-Houthi supporters.