AL-HURYYA: Sanaa weekly, 18-1-98. [Archives:1998/04/Press Review]

January 26 1998

Main Headlines:
1- Islah leader, Sheikh Al-Zindani calls for strengthening defense of Yemeni islands.
2- Yemeni official sources deny any foreign attack on Abd AL-Koori Island in the Socotra archipelago.
3- Merchants in Hodeida complain of mismanagement by the general director of the Hodeida Chamber of Commerce.
4- Following serious breaches of security in Abyan last week, several security officials were fired.
Article Summary:
Abyan Women Harassed
A large number of women in Abyan have been complaining of harassment by soldiers manning the Alam checkpoint on the Aden-Abyan road. Women passengers are made to alight from the car, and ordered to uncover their faces! The soldiers justify their actions by claiming to be looking for illegal female Somali immigrants and other women banned from entering Aden. Heated quarrels often occur between the soldiers and the women travelers because the former often refuse to accept ID cards as proof that the women are Yemeni.