Al-Ihya_Al-Arabi [Archives:2003/662/Press Review]

August 25 2003

21 August 2003
main headlines:
– Tribal armed attack on wedding ceremony in ''al-Uoud'' district, Dhlie governorate
– The president follows up problem of al-Badha' local council
– Jordanian Fatwa: Iraqi Governing Council illegitimate as dominated by infidel will
– American-British troops commit the worst crimes in Iraq
Mr Lutf Mohammed al-Kastaban says in his article that the occupiers would not hand over Iraq to international supervision or the United nations or even to the Iraqi people as we may deludingly believe. The will of the Iraqi people would remain hostage to the American administrator Bremer as he had stated this week at a press conference that drawing up the constitution in Iraq might need three years and then there would be preparations for parliamentary elections. That statement clearly indicates the intention of the occupying forces to stay in Iraq for long years despite the daily heavy losses they sustain at the hands of the Iraqi resistance. It is now urgently required, under the circumstances of instability and insecurity in various Iraqi cities, to hold free and direct parliamentary elections under supervision of international legitimacy that approved the legitimacy of the occupation. And then the parliament would draw up the constitution and the formation of a government because the daily actions of the Iraqi people would not be waiting for long.