Al-Ihya_Al-Arabi [Archives:2003/671/Press Review]

September 25 2003

18 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Colin Powell received with two bloody days against American forces in Iraq
– Skeikh al-Ahmar accuses the government of interfering in elections
– Demonstrations and sits-in by teachers in Taiz
Columnist Dr Mohammed Jawad Faris says in the midst of the Iraqi people resistance of the Anglo-American occupation the Iraqi intellectuals have divided into two camps. Some of them have paved the way for the invasion and occupation of their country in propagating the theory to the Americans that the Iraqis would receive the with flowers while others stood up to defend the homeland, especially the inhabitants of the south who fought bravely against the invasion and resisted the aggression for three weeks. The resistance of the small southern town of Um Qasr could not be forgotten. The Iraqi intellectual is today called for supporting the resistance from the north of the country to the south and from the east to the west to expel the occupying forces and give the Iraqi people the right in choosing their regime.