Al-Ihya_Al-Arabi [Archives:2004/717/Press Review]

March 4 2004

28 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Teaching profession union demands moving headquarters of Arab Teachers Federation to Sana'a
– Indonesian president assails the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq
– Egypt approves cancellation of imprisonment punishment in issues of publication

Writer Nassr Shamali says in an article that the speedy successive events prove that al that has been said about the new liberalism, open markets and globalization was merely talk. These titles that heralded by advanced international relations collided with the American dictatorial policies and ended in smoke.
Some rich big powers have looked forward to better commercial and economic international relations, if they have been achieved sincerely they could have mitigated somewhat of the tragedies the humanity is living today. The American administration has changed the new liberalism and the open markets and globalization to pretexts for igniting a third world war, pushing its armed forces to launch it preemptively.
The American administration resorting to the war is mainly because of its deteriorated trade and economic situations. It has become lagging behind in fields of competition concerning production many goods except computers and financially indebted internally and externally. Since its armed forces are the field of its decisive international superiority, it has resorted to those forces to balance its trade and economic situations.