Al-Iryani Angry [Archives:2000/16/Local News]

April 17 2000

Close sources have accused a number of government members and the ruling party of being behind the press campaign against Dr. Al-Iryani that accompanied the visit of a group of Israelis to Yemen. Two journalists who are very close to the government have reported Dr. Al-Iryani meeting with the Israeli tourists at his house, which caused his anger. The same sources added that Dr. Al-Iryani had asked a well-known journalist to provide him with the names of those who try to hold him responsible for Yemeni-Israeli relationship.
In a statement to the Middle East newspaper Al-Iryani denied having met with the Israeli tourists. Moreover, he said that the visits of Israelis to Yemen had been going on since 1984 and that they would not stop since they were not holding Israeli passports.