Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2003/628/Press Review]

March 24 2003

16 March 2003
Main headlines:
– Demonstrators demand opening Jihad doors from Sana'a to Baghdad
– Millions of the Iraqis prepare for defeating the American-British aggression
– Yemeni political parties condemn the aggression; demand a united Arab stand to prevent the war
– American forces in Ethiopia
– Al- Mouayad lives in tragic conditions in his prison
The editor in chief says in his article that according to the Iraqis the war has stated since 1991 and what happens today is a continuation of it. If 1991 war had singled out two trenches; one supporting the Americans and another opposing it under the excuse of attacking Kuwait, the present Arab stand opposing the aggression and war, based on the same supposition, is applicable to Iraq. Non-commitment of some Arab countries and their announcement of permitting the American forces to use their territories in the aggression, unveils he nature of he political formation of these regimes and their affiliation to origins of the region and that their existence within the Arab national entity is merely nominal aimed at implementing foreign policies intended for dismembering the nation's unity. This situation makes them as dead parts of the Arab body and should be amputated. If those regimes think they are going to occupy an advanced position and great status through their siding with America, they are mistaken. American is using them as tools for their invasion and to be ridden of later. He Arabs land is quick sand that would not accept invaders.