Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2003/631/Press Review]

April 14 2003

6 April 2003

Main headlines:
– Warship in Bab El Mandab strait, mujahideen prevented from leaving Sana'a airport
– American thinker confirms the end of Bush gang
– Aggression on Iraq, aggression on the nation
– Fears from effect of tribal conflicts on the elections
– Damascus and Tehran study mechanism for facing the American threats

The editor in chief writes that the failure reached by the official Arab system in achieving the national security has many causes that affected its composition. The regionalism and stabilization of its status and the rush for establishing unbalanced relations with the foreigner and obeying orientations of their policies was one of the main factors shaking its pillars. The most dangerous aspects is seeking the help of the foreigner to help on country against another and the accords of Camp David that excluded Israel from the circle of threat to the national security. These developments have created two dangerous facts. The first is the foreigner entering the Arab homeland, occupation a part of it and then rendering it into a foothold from which to start its attack on the Arab nation. The second is imposition of the new regional security promoted by America as part of its new world order. It aims at creating a regional security regime compatible with its goals in the region consists of some Arab countries; Turkey and Iran. The official attitude of the Arab regime has entrusted the Palestine issue and then Iraq with the international organization that is controlled by America which sped its steps to utilize this situation and declared the war on Iraq. It is a war considered by many politicians as a war on the Arab nation and the Islamic world aimed at re-drawing the region's map according to the American interests.