Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

13 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Pitched battles between the Iraqi and the invading forces amidst media delusion
– Syria calls for withdrawal of the aggressive forces from Iraq
– The Arab conference calls for supporting the Iraqi resistance
The newspaper's editorial says the parliamentary elections day is approaching under very complicated political circumstances due to the American-British savage campaign to which Iraq and the Arab nation are exposed to aim at occupying it and plundering its riches. The campaign also aims at aborting the Arab-Islamic renaissance project and imposing a new regional security where the Zionist entity becomes one of its basic components. Despite the destruction and burning of anything related to civilization at the hands of the new invaders to an extent exceeded what Hulago had done, the Arab official stand sufficed itself to offering advices to the people of Iraq on integration and the serious demand for its choices.
Against all this the Yemeni voter becomes inside an atmosphere all of it engulfed with frustration, internally and externally, not far away from his choices in nomination and election. Thus the national task necessitates the proper selection of candidates enjoying efficiency and sees in them the future expressing his domestic and national aspirations.