Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2004/757/Press Review]

July 22 2004

14 July 2004
Main headlines
– Pitched battles in Saadah
– Political Security organisation violates the law
– Teachers Union condemns sacking some educationists
– Lawyers Union, Sana'a branch holds its conference
– An appeal to Social Welfare Fund
– UNICEF holds training course for mothers in Lahj governorate

Dr Abdulhafidh Nouman says in his article that the Baath Party issued a statement on the events in Saadah governorate calling the Yemeni government to bear its constitutional and legal responsibilities for ending the rebellion and extinguishes the sedition as well as restoring security and stability to the areas of events. The national parties have to shoulder their historic responsibilities in abandoning their differences, proceeding from the keenness on safety and security of the Yemeni society.
The writer maintains that the force alone is not enough for producing an alternative achieving social cooperation guaranteeing and preserving social stability and security unless it is associated with dialogue capabilities stemming from a great sense of responsibility towards what are going on on the Yemeni arena. The attempt to visualize what s happening as a product isolated conspiratorial act being not related to the reality is something reflecting a state of ignorance of this reality. The present events in Yemen are not instantaneous product but rather a generation of a long series of economic, and marginalization policies of certain Yemeni areas and far from the care and supervision of the state. Some of them came to believe they are affiliate of another state or another world.