Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2004/763/Press Review]

August 12 2004

4 August 2004
Main headlines
– Four people killed in armed clashes in Shabwa
– “Al Manar” satellite TV closure, before the French Higher council on August 19
– Iraqi resistance halts oil exports in the north
– Israel sets the stage for attacking Al-Aqsa mosque

Columnist Dr Abdulqader Nouman says in his article that has happened recently in Yemen is not separated from the general scene in the Arab national arena, though the events in Sa'ada appeared as if an internal happening.
For the first time the bloody events in Sa'ada may recall the disaster of the civil war in 1994 to shed light on fragility of the social, economic and political structure of the country. Despite the severity of the scene we can point the finger to the close relationship to the bloodier scene across the Arab region. The abundantly flowing blood in Iraq and the Sudan has its imprint of connection to an American-Zionist plot to re-arrange the situation in the Arab region. Those overseas owners of the plot push for civil sedition and wars in order to justify interference and impose hegemony in the end. It is imperative for us to read that one of the components of this reactionary flourishing is the dereliction in the state performance in dealing with the people's concerns and their interests in balanced development, and cementing foundations of the infrastructures of development in economy, health, education and media.