Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2004/785/Press Review]

October 28 2004

20 October 2004
Main headlines
– Reforms in the military establishment
– 42 persons drowned in Bani Matar falls
– 145 AIDS case registered in Sana'a last year
– In a workshop, facts displayed backwardness of psychiatry situation

The government had last Wednesday discussed the state budget for the year 2005 which expressed the planning indicators of what can be done in this year according to directions built on results and rates of the national economy performance for the past years. With an objective reading of results of the national economy we find that the economy is still depending on oil revenues while the entire other activities form a very small proportion under discouraging outcomes of the reforms announced by the state and have increased rates of inflation and deterioration of local currency exchange rate. Among such outcomes are the spread of corruption and halt of investments.
Big crises are in need of great work and efforts to be exerted by the government. Focus should be on:
– encouraging investment as a greatly important element in qualifying the national economy and attraction of labour forces,
– a focus on activation of prosperity of tourist sector and providing its essential structures that help encourage tourism, internal and external,
– using local and external markets by expanding the network of marketing capable of transferring agricultural products in Tuhama to local markets and those of neighboring countries,
– benefiting from the space of Yemeni coasts for exploiting the fish wealth,
– utilizing other potentials as minerals and others.