Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2004/797/Press Review]

December 9 2004

1 Dec.2004
Main headlines
– Within days locusts reach Yemen
– Martyr Abushawareb, a homeland in an image of a person
– Legal violations in employment in Sana'a
– $471 million, Japanese grant to Yemen
In its editorial on the 37th anniversary of the independence day the newspaper says events in the Arab arena and Islamic have escalated greatly leaving behind them a dark image and meanings depicting the form of the new world order led by America and its means leading to domination over the world by force without showing any respect towards sanctities and ideologies. The new world order seems also does not commit itself to international laws and principles or the ethical values. Events in Falluja and other parts of Iraq and driving the leader Arafat from the circle of action by poisoning him and the interference in internal affairs of states with the aim of changing regimes and laws are but images of that and a proof confirming a real collapse of the world . Those events have stolen from us the celebration of the Independence Day and taken from its anniversary its meanings. Lowering the head and waiting for relief that the Arab regimes follow has become a phenomenon heralding a catastrophe and disagrees with reason and logic that urge for preparation for confrontation.