Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

22 Dec. 2004
Main headlines

– Gang in Thamar attacks communications workers

– Teachers in Khamr stage strike

– Journalists sue Spacetel Yemen

– 15 members from Aden local council in Dar Saad district intend to resign

– 52% of Americans against the Secretary of Defence.

In its editorial, the newspaper says free democratic elections reflect desire of the people in electing those who would represent them rightfully in the political decision of the state. Elections, however, would not be right and correct but with the participation of all the people and their live political forces. They are greatly connected with the state o stability that helps urge the voter to go to ballot boxes.

What is happening in Iraq does not rely on a scientific rule due to its lacking of the factor of stability and security that provide the elector with the opportunity to take part in atmospheres prevailed by assurance instead of those of fear that prevent the citizen from practicing his right . Moreover, elections could not be realized under circumstances of American occupation, dominating over all political and economic syllabuses and pushing outputs to be identical to its goals.

Boycotting the elections in Iraq by many Iraqi political parties may be is confirming this fact. Thus, and under this state of affairs, make those elections as not legitimate in accordance with the international law and may lead to dangerous adverse results on Iraq. The occupation forces aim at, in this election process, driving each party against the other, in a step to be construed as to create an internal sedition enabling the American troops to avoid blows of the resistance and to be able to exploit Iraq's economic riches. An action of this kind forms a danger leading to partition Iraq into three parts, in line with the American understanding.