Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/819/Press Review]

February 24 2005

16 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– Great Arab Free Trade Zone on table of the economic conference in Aden

– The Mossad assassinates al-Hariri

– Yemeni students in India complain delay of finance

– Iraqis continue ferocious resistance

The newspaper editorial says since the Lebanese decision of refusing the American agenda, pressures have been following on it with all means and ways with the aim of forcing it accept those dictates. Lebanon's national choice and the interrelationship of its course with the Syrian one means linking its destiny to the national project that refuses occupation, opposes to colonialism and works for unity of the nation, as Lebanon is part of it.

Hence, the Lebanese, while taking the decision of refusal, have not ruled out the consequences they are going to face due to their decision and it has not been out of their mind that the enemies would attempt to split the national rank in order to weaken its will. Conspirators of the past are the same ones who conspire today and what they are creating of political confusion in Lebanon under foreign support the attack on al-Hariri motorcade and the assassination would be only the beginning of the road.