Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/821/Press Review]

March 3 2005

22 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– Saudi troops kill 13 Yemenis; seek to install centers inside Yemeni territories

– Secret negotiations between Iraqi resistance and American intelligence

– In Taiz, a senior official behind kidnapping of girls

– Internationalization of al-Hariri assassination incident, Syria does not refuse pulling its troops out of Lebanon

– Workers in a plastic factory complain mistreatment of their administration

Columnist Mohammed Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in an article that the Zionist-American pressures on both Syria and Lebanon are still escalating under flimsy pretexts aimed at the two countries national stands refusing occupation and sticking to just and balanced peace. It is also because of their stances rejecting the American agenda in the region as it is contravening the logic of history and reason in addition to pushing the region to the brink of explosion and conflict.

The abutment of the American project in the region depends on power it is in possession in order to spread its control on the world riches under the absence of international balance and absence of the matching rival. This makes wagering on time is a matter extremely important under the movement of the reality and its developments.