Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/841/Press Review]

May 12 2005

4 May 2005
Main headlines

– Government loses one million dollars and disrupts dialogue with tradesmen

– Brigadier general al-Ahmar survives attempted assassination

– Vaccination in Zabid causes semi-paralysis

– Conniving in a one million dollar worth corruption issue

– Student demonstrations in Baghdad demanding departure of occupation

– Lebanese PM Mikati in Damascus to develop Syrian-Lebanese relations

Columnist Mohammed Mohammed al-Zubairi says in his article the working forces have on the first of May observed the annual Labor day with massive demonstrations marching world capitals in expression of resentment for their sustaining of suffering under the control of world imperialism and its capitalism prevalence in world market. Their suffering was also a result of the labor right fall with downfall of the state of proletariat dictatorship “working class”.

It is to be admitted that the working class had in the past century scored victory over the capitalists and wrung out its rights.

In the Arab world, trade unions are no longer but a form and tradition and recognition of their political liberationist role. The reality discloses the state of stripping the work force of its essential dynamo, which are the trade unions. Leaderships of trade unions have been annexed to ruling regimes and the unions rendered to a form within an inactive and non-effective frame, with the exception of the Moroccan trade unions that formed political parties in the name of workers.

Therefore, the problem is a political one represented by annexation to political authorities to avoid the unions' role in defending political and democratic rights and influencing constituents of the authority. This state of affairs has made trade unions lose capability of their role and enabled authorities to practice injustice against the working class and harming it.

An objective stand requires pushing buttressing trade unions to take up their professional and political role. The political authorities have to take off their hand from this sector in order to be able to become a real and d actual supporter for democracy.