Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/860/Press Review]

July 18 2005

13 Jul. 2005
Main Headlines:

– Al-Ba'ath Rejects the Dose and Demands Alleviating the Citizens Suffering

– Commercial Forgery Brings Industry Down.. And Endowment Discloses Corruption

– Citizens Demand Halt of Security Personnel Harshness.

– Sada'a Merchants Reiterate Their Objection to Customs 's Procedures.

In his column, at the back page, Al-Gamahear's editor-in-Chief, Mohammed Al-Zoubairy, wrote ” Why We Do Reject the Dose” He stated that the planned “Dose” the government is due to carry out in the upcoming few days, comes amid economical conditions are so miserable due to the failure of the previous package of economical reforms which had brought about heavy burden upon the citizens who are no longer able to bear further “Doses”. Thereupon, Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party has got to object to the proposed 'Dose' for the following reasons:

This part of reform comes within the framework of the reformatory campaign the government has been embarking on and the package of reform turned out to be useless after it had failed to push up the national economy as the indicators showed up.

The reforms program is based on increasing the tax percentage and lifting costumes restricts consequently, the national products would sustain huge loses and the citizens would come under heavy burden.

The package of economical reforms had made 75% of the population live under the poverty line and give rise to more corruption Thereby, we do advise the government to postpone the planned “Dose” and to look for another alternatives which could save the country a possible dilemma.