Al-Jamaheer [Archives:2005/864/Press Review]

August 1 2005

July 27, 2005
Main Headlines.

– Al-Ba'ath Condemns Sabotage.. Puts Blames on Govt.. and Demands Throwing it Down.

– Central Prison Turns down Judicial Verdict.

– Political Parties and NGOs Calling for Setting Al-Moay'ad Free.

Al-Gamahear, published a statement issued by Arab Ba'ath Socialist party, over the demonstrations stormed through the streets of the capital secretariat and an umber of cities across the country last week. The statement expressed the party's stance toward the fuel prices adjustments and the masses protestations. It stated that the party reiterates its opposition to the fuel prices adjustments for their negative impacts upon the citizens living conditions. On the other hand the party strongly condemned the riot ,sabotage and violence acts occurred during the demonstrations. The party appeals to the president of the republic to immediately intervene and getting the government quit and bring it into accountability.