AL-JAMAHEER: Sanaa weekly, 1-1-98. (Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party) [Archives:1998/01/Press Review]

January 5 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Eritrean president allowed the establishment of Yemeni opposition group in Asmara with foreign aid 2- Food prices rose sharply during Ramadhan due to merchants’ greed 3- Continuing its encroachment, Saudi Arabia grants Saudi I.Ds & passport to Yemeni citizens living near its borders 4- Ugly US imperialism prevents milk from reaching Iraqi children Article Summary: Adulterated Gold Market sources have pointed out that several jewelers are adulterating the gold jewelry they sell with various proportions of copper and other base elements. They buy 21-carat gold, melt it down, mix it with other elements to make it 18-carat gold, and re-sell it as 21-carat gold. There is no effective monitoring and testing system to control the jewelry market in Yemen. Also, there is no jewelers’ guild to regulate this profession.