AL-JAMAHEER: Sanaa weekly, 1-10-98. [Archives:1998/40/Press Review]

October 5 1998

(Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)   Main Headline:
1- Financial irregularities worth millions of riyals were uncovered at the Immigration and Passport Authority. It was found in some cases, that 99% of the money received by way of fees is not entered into the Authority’s accounts.
2- Prices of vegetables and basic commodities rise in Haradh, on the Saudi border; while, petrol disappears altogether.
3- Rabies becomes prevalent in Ahwar, Abyan. Affected people cannot afford the YR 15,000 medication.
4- A student at the Hayel Saeed Secondary School beat up his teacher.
Article Summary:
Judicial Violations
Violations in the judicial system include the following:
– Several bodies are putting people in prisons.
– Prisoners are kept incarcerated despite completing their sentence.
– Ministry of Interior officials detain people without referring to the prosecutor’s office.
– Sentences for theft, adultery, and alcohol drinking are not carried out.
– Laxity is witnessed in carrying out some sentences.
– People are detained without charge for longer than the legal period.
– Court procedures are very slow.
– Court officials are not punished if they neglect their duties.
– Some judges put people in prison without conducting the proper legal procedures.