AL-JAMAHEER: Sanaa weekly, 17-9-98. [Archives:1998/38/Press Review]

September 21 1998

(Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)   Main Headline:
1- Saudi Arabia cultivates farm lands situated just over the border within Yemen territory. Yemeni citizens who tried to stop the Saudi tractors were fired at by the accompanying Saudi soldiers.
2- Escalation in armed tribal conflict in Mareb leaves one dead and several people injured. Also during the skirmishes, an oil pipelines was punctured and a truck belonging to the Hawk Oil Co. was held up.
3- Health and environmentally damaging insecticides exported by Saudi Arabia flood Yemeni markets.
4- Yemenia Airlines aviation engineers call off their sit-in, following the settlement of a dispute caused by “unfair dismissal of a trade unionist colleague.”
5- Three Yemeni men die in the US bombing of the alleged Bin Laaden base in Afghanistan.
6- A Japanese loan of $500 million to support the agricultural sector was wasted on buying sub-standard equipment, which was later sold in the local market at a loss of 10% – commission for middlemen.
7- The Zionist enemy establishes a submarine base on the Eritrean Island of Dahlek in the Red Sea.
Article Summary:
Human Organs Sold
The attempted kidnapping of 2-year-old Mansour Al-Obadi has uncovered an international gang trading in human body organs, especially hearts and kidneys. A 13-year-old child, allegedly lost, was placed by the gang with Mansour’s family to look after him. Three days later, the child “bait” then lured Mansour away from home as the family was out shopping.
A neighbor standing nearby shouted at the older kid, and fired several shots in the air when he ran away. A man waiting in a car at the end of the street got away.
The child “bait” claimed that he is employed by a gang to lure away small children to secluded spots, using all sorts of incentives such as sweets and toys. He went further by alleging that the gang has doctor and surgeon accomplices, who take out the children’s vital organs and exported them to other Arab and foreign countries.
A year ago, a girl, 1, was abducted for 20 days in Taiz. She was later returned feeling very weak and emaciated. Medical tests revealed that one of her kidneys was missing.