AL-JAMAHEER: Sanaa (Weekly) 23-10-97. [Archives:1997/43/Press Review]

October 27 1997

(Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)
News Review: 1) Minister of Transportation was subpoenaed by the Public Property deputy prosecutor-general for YR 1,2 billion of outstanding taxes to be paid by Telecommunication Establishment. 2) Saudi Arabia deported more than 30,000 illegal Yemeni workers after being ill-treated. 3) Yemen received formal invitation to participate in Doha economic conference in Qatar. 4) Yemeni official sources: Abduction of foreign tourists is instigated by Saudi Arabia through exiled Mowj opposition group. 5- Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) evades paying income tax amounting to billion of riyals. 6- Total of France procrastinates in starting gas production in Safer fields – work is going at a very slow pace. 7- Tribal sheikh and his bodyguards attacked Criminal Investigation Directorate in Dhamar to forcefully free one of the sheikh’s relatives – one soldier was badly beaten. 8- Tonsillitis operation on 5-year-old boy led to coma and paralysis caused by internal hemorrhaging due to doctors’ negligence at Sabeen Hospital, Sanaa.