AL-JAMAHEER: Sanaa weekly, 28-5-98. [Archives:1998/22/Press Review]

June 1 1998

(Arab Baath Socialist Party)   Main Headline:
1- Both Yemen and Eritrea submit new documents regarding their dispute over the Hunaish Island. Yemen submitted documents showing that the Total company had previously done some oil exploration on the island for the benefit of Yemen.
2- Armed confrontations over blood revenge among the tribes of Raima, outside Sanaa, left two dead and several men seriously injured. About 20 families left the area in fear for their lives.
3- An HIV-positive female patient was discovered by chance at the Jumhoori Hospital in Sanaa when she went for a medical check-up.
4- Students at the colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy have not yet received their textbooks!
Article Summary:
Saudi Occupies Islands
Saudi forces had occupied the Yemeni island Dhu-Hurab, which lies about 114 km off the Yemeni cost. There were no Yemeni troops on the island, and the 8 fishermen found there were deported to another island. Within 12 hours of landing, the Saudi forces set about erecting pre-fabricated buildings and installing heavily armed military positions, along with all the necessary utilities.
The occupation went on while talks were being held on land between military officials from the two countries. Saudi Arabia is insisting that the inhabitants of 7 islands in the archipelago, 2 of which are now occupied by its forces, should be evacuated as a precondition to proceed with the talks.
The Saudi forces had also occupied the nearby Island of Al-Ashiq on the same day – 22 May – 8 years ago.