AL-JAMAHEER: Sana’a (Weekly) [Archives:1997/40/Press Review]

October 6 1997

2-10-97. (Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)
Main Headlines: 1) Eritrean Military Commander of Force that Occupied Hunaish Killed in Fight with Eritrean Opposition Forces 2) Parliament to Deliberate Administrative and Judicial System Legislation 3) Several Million Riyals Embezzled in Religious Endowments Bureau in Taiz 4) Rector of Sana’a University; “Ba’ath Party actively participated in planning the 26 September revolution.” Article Summary: Health Insurance by: Mohammed Al-Zubairi There is no comprehensive national strategy to provide extensive medical care for the citizens. The absence of adequate medical facilities and lack of qualified staff have driven many Yemenis to seek medical treatment abroad, leading to the depletion of the already scarce foreign currency reserves. Private health care has become beyond the means of many people with limited income. They often resort to the cheap smuggled medicines which probably cause more harm to their health. In addition to the health budget allocated by the government, small monthly contributions by government employees can help finance a reasonable health insurance system.