Al-Jamaheer: (Sana’a Weekly) [Archives:1997/50/Press Review]

December 15 1997

(Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)
Main Headlines: 1- 30,000 Yemeni workers were deported from Saudi Arabia with just the barest of personal belongings 2- Dutch government provides $2.5 million to improve National Museum in Sanaa 3- Expired tinned food is sold in Lahaj, Taiz, and Mahweet at 80% less than normal prices 4- Public Funds court in Abyan retrieves YR 7 million out of YR 12 million of embezzled money 5- Ba’ath Secretary-General: “Iraq bears the pain for others.” Article Summary: Burglary at National Museum Four pieces of antiques recently stolen from the National Museum were seized by police on Monday, December 8th and the burglar was referred to the prosecutor. This incident, however, is only one in series of similar robberies. A report submitted to parliament by the Culture and Information Committee has indicated that 258 pieces of artifacts had been stolen from the offices of the Antiquities Authority. The Omani authorities seized 9 pieces of Himyarite antiques while being smuggled out of Yemen and into Oman. They notified the Yemeni government which did nothing about it.