AL-JAMAHIR: Sanaa weekly, 16-7-98. [Archives:1998/29/Press Review]

July 20 1998

(Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party)   Main Headline:
1- US Embassy denies warning US citizens not to go to Mareb and Jawf.
2- In a memorandum sent to the Arab League, Saudi Arabia rejects the Yemeni-Omani border agreement of 1993.
3- Saudi authorities detain Yemeni citizens for 10 days for going to the Abha area, which is off-limits for Yemenis. They were arrested on their way back after delivering some goods and fined 4,000 Saudi riyals each.
4- Amran water cistern was sabotaged by unknown individuals possibly as a retaliation for jailing some people in connection with the theft of some agricultural equipment.
Article Summary:
Hostages are Given
Army troops have withdrawn from the Jawf area to Hazm, following the handing-in of several tribesmen as hostages in a good-will gesture towards the authorities. Sheikh Al-Iraqi of the Hamadan Adham tribe handed-in 4 his tribal folk as hostages Sheikh Rabeesh Bin Ka’alan handed-in another 4 including his own son.
The hostages were received by Brigadier Yahya Al-Mi’saar, commander of the 9th mechanized division. It is hoped that this move will prevent the tribes from reverting to armed activity against the army stationed near their area, until a long-lasting solution is reached.