Al-Mansorah prisoners continue hunger strike [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

SANA'A -Nov. 29 – Seventy prisoners in Al-Mansorah central prison in Aden carried out a hunger strike that had started beginning of this week. The efforts of the Security Commander in Aden did not succeed in convincing them to give up their strike. They even refused to meet their relatives and visitors.

The prisoners' hunger strike came in protest for their being detained without conviction or referring them to judiciary. Some of them were quitted by the courts, but security authorities continued holding them for precautionary reasons.

Many of these prisoners were originally deported from elsewhere outside the country. Saudi authorities deported twenty of them, while three were Guantanamo detainees handed over by USA authorities. The rest of the prisoners are accused of being involved in terrorist acts relating to the USS Cole bombing.