AL-MAR’A: Sanaa monthly, August, 1998. [Archives:1998/41/Press Review]

October 12 1998

(Independent)  Article Summary:
1- 30 Candles for Al-Mar’a
By Sayyida Al-Haylama
We are happy to present to our readers the 30th issue of Al-Mar’a, which we have been keen to enrich with useful articles. Our aim is to issue a publication wholly devoted to women’s issues.
We are happy for the attention and support by the Minister of Information and his deputy. We believe that Yemeni women deserve all the help and support they can get. If given enough opportunity, Yemeni women can surpass their men counterparts in many fields of human endeavor.
We ask our reader’s forgiveness for any shortcomings and errors in publishing. We are still in the learning process. We would like to thank all our friends, both Yemeni and expatriate, for their continuous support and encouragement.
2- Message to a Man
By Shajat-u-Al-Dorr A. Al-Hobaishi
When I was first appointed a government employee, I expected to face many difficulties. Thank God I have been able to surmount most of these obstacles, except one! My main problem is men.
O men, why do you treat me without respect? Why do you not treat me as a colleague and a work partner? Why these negative ideas about women, which have become part of your psyche? Are we not all human beings?
You always misinterpret every move or gesture I make according to your fancy. Thus you harm our work relations and create mistrust between the sexes.