Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/626/Press Review]

March 10 2003

3 March 2003
Main headlines:

– America continues massing force, the world refuses the war
– President Saleh: We have to shoulder our responsibility before the generations, not to repeat the mistakes
– Businessmen committee study a number of issues on their meeting agenda
– Delivering statements of voters lists to political parties
– Russian ambassador to Sanaa, war decision must be by the UN Security Council

Al-Mithaq editorial confirms that as much as the democratic change in our society has been a free choice and national will, it is related to soundness of the democratic system and consolidating and developing it with this general national will.
Undoubtedly, stabilisation of the democratic process and its development is enhanced in our new society under the leadership of president Ali Abdulla Saleh. Democracy, chosen by our Yemeni people, has not been a luxury but sound program for building the new Yemen and would certainly be fruitful in this direction.
While our people are at the threshold of entering the third multi-party parliamentary elections, they are determined to have the elections process going successfully. And against the development of events and their interactions regionally and internationally and that would affect our internal environment, it is our duty as people, especially the political forces, to join forces for running elections free from violence and for guaranteeing secure democratic and national building. The initiative launched by the President towards national alignment would inevitably finds its way to be achieved on the ground because it is he will of all the Yemenis.