Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/629/Press Review]

March 31 2003

24 March 2003
Al-Jamaheer weekly, organ of the Arab Baath Socialist Party, 23 Mar. 2003.

Main headlines:
– The Baath party condemns the aggression, demands for declaring al-Jihad
– Tens of American soldiers get prisoners of war in the hands of Iraqi troops
– National alignment committee reaches an agreement
– Economists confirm more economic losses in Yemen

The newspaper's editorial says the individual decision taken by America and Britain of launching aggression on Iraq has represented a dangerous challenge to the international unanimity and disavow of the UN charter, in addition to provocation to feelings of the Arabs and Muslims. The Anglo-American decision of aggression is an indication of the course of the new world order. The brutal bombardment taking place against the Iraqi civilians and civil services utilities can be described as the moral collapse of the human's values and their rights and heralds a decline of human development. All peace-loving forces in the world must stand against it and the aggression is at all evens is directed against all the Arabs. For defending the state of competence Baghdad is representing now, the editorial call for:
– declaring the state of jihad and volunteering in support of the Iraqis,
– pushing the government to take official stands compatible with the volume of challenge and in line with the masses national orientation,
– boycotting all gods of the allies,
– pushing for severing political and diplomatic relations with America and Britain and their allies. Main headlines:
– Iraq resists the aggression
– Shoura Council holds a session devoted to enhance requirements of national alignment
– Yemen rejects an American request for deporting Iraqi diplomats
– Nomination period for parliamentary elections begins

The political editor of the newspaper says under the very nose of the entire world the people of Iraq come under a brutal aggression where the most lethal weapons are being used and tons of bombs and missiles are mercilessly dropped on the heads of innocent children, women and elderly people. This American-British destructive aggression on the people of Iraq does not depend on any convincing legal or legitimate justification except the mad desire of for control and hegemony and to conquer people will. The strange thing is that it comes under the allegation of implementing international legitimacy resolutions or riddance of weapons of mass destruction claimed to be by Iraq, whereas those who claim this know very well are the first who are violating resolutions of international legitimacy and refusing to abide by it and the international will that kept announcing its opposition of the war and adhering to the peaceful solution for the Iraq crisis. The international will sees it is not right for any state to impose its guardianship on the world and to declare itself as its master. This situation has made the UN face a difficult test and rather undermine its future existence. According to the news coming from the battle field in Iraq it has become clear that weapons of mass destruction are being used by those who allegedly claim they have gone there to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, such as cluster bombs and long-range missiles that pounded the people and houses of the people in Basra and the Iraqi cities including the capital Baghdad. Developments of events during the past days proved that the Iraqi people stand steadfastly against the Anglo-American aggression since its very beginning by virtue of the cohesion between the people, the army and their leadership. The Iraqis are now defending bravely their unity, independence and sovereignty. The Iraqi resistance has surprised the many and changed many of balances at both military and political calculations and the Iraqis have proved on the ground that they are the title of dignity and national glory.