Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/635/Press Review]

May 12 2003

5 May 2003
Main headline:
– Dr al-Eryani: GPC should be faithful to the people who granted it unprecedented trust,
– The coming government should met the people ambitions
– Planning and Development undersecretary: Return of American Agency for International Development positive step for resumption of American support for Yemen
– Jabal Habshi court studies the case of attack on GPC members
– Under occupation: Humanitarian and security disaster threatens Iraq
– Jarallah's killer trial postponed to next Sunday.
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article this week that democracy cannot coexist with violence and violence cannot live with democracy. Both of them are contradictory. Phenomena of violence happening in some countries before, during and after polling process are repetition of remnants of behavior opposing the idea of resorting to poll boxes for solving political disputes in a civilized way and advanced civil means preferring peaceful coexistence and believing in opinion and opposite opinion. It seems that remains of the past and emergence of extraordinary cases of violence at the beginning of peoples heading for democracy is a known situation and needs a long time for having this human principle be stabilized among their sons and to be a normal course in general life.
An aspect of the harvest of the elections season in our country is that some political forces prolongate their sleep for years and would not wake up but on the sounds of heated propaganda of the candidates. When these forces find themselves to have lost and did not achieve what they have been dreaming of winning, they begin waving with violence and express skepticism in the avail of democracy and try to take what they see as their right by the use of force not by the votes of electors. Then happen the violations that make them lose what remained of their asset among the people.