Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/636/Press Review]

May 12 2003

11 May 2003
Main headlines:
– The president asks Bajammal to form the new cabinet
– President: The new government should embody aspirations of our people
– Priorities of the government:
Continuation of economic structure and financial, administrative and judicial reform,Combating poverty, unemployment and encouragement of investment, Paying attention for development of education and investing it for serving development, and Stabilization of security and general safety.
– Bush expresses his looking forward to cooperation continuation with Yemen
– Understanding memorandum executive program between Yemeni and Saudi foreign ministries approved
– MPs take constitutional oath, al-Ahmar speaker of the parliament, al-Ra'ie and Ba-saleh, speaker deputies
– Jibla court issues it verdict on death sentence to American doctors' killer.

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his column this week that it is really a time of deformation when values, human, language and cultures are all deformed. At this time of comprehensive deformation it is not strange that the Zionist entity celebrates an ''independence'' anniversary. Whose independence and from whom? How cold such a big lie pass to the extent that some Arab leaderships have quickly congratulated the usurper entity on its ''independence'' while it is the one that usurped the Arab land and played a spearhead for the British occupation of Palestine and has become the occupation itself. Has ignorance reached to the extent that the world and some Arab regimes forget how this entity was founded?
Some of the British occupying forces left Palestine and the other important some stayed behind and Palestine is still under the occupation and is still suffering from the worst kind of occupation, colonialist occupation. This is the occupation which is nowadays being celebrated; it is a celebration marking the usurpation of the land of Palestine, with changing only the term.