Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/638/Press Review]

June 2 2003

26 may 2003
Main headlines:
– In his visit to UAE, president Saleh confirms enhancement of solidarity, achievement of Arab rank unity
– Change to administrative and financial decentralization
– Verdict in the case of killing Jarallah Omer in June
Sara Abdulla Hassan says nothing has now remained for us to say about Iraq. Nothing is there but the news that we follow up on the satellite channels on some of what is going on there. What happens in other Arab countries has nothing to do with what is in Iraq. Where are the demonstrations that swarmed our streets, where are the articles with which we stuffed our newspapers and magazines and where are the daily heated TV programs? Everything has returned to its nature and Iraq's occupation has become part of the things that the Arabs are good at adapting with soon. We have got used to occupation and are used to obediently accept what comes from it. We are used to submit to what ever our regimes impose on us.