Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/639/Press Review]

June 5 2003

2 June 2003

Main headlines:
– The p[resident gives 3-month grace period to realize positive results
– Yemen-Djibouti summit, discusses bilateal ties, developments in the region
– Arab-American summit in Sharm al-Sheikh to support ''road map''
– G-8 summit discusses post- Iraq war world
– GPC bloc continue boycotting parliament sittings
– PM Bajammal: Government program combines fighting corruption, terror
– On Hudeida-Sana'a highway, differences with transport authorities prolong strike period
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqalih says in his article writers angry against the American administration inside the United States are so many compared to their counterparts outside the United States. Violent writings by those angry Americans are more painful and more effective than those published in the West, East and the South and they depend on catastrophic daily facts. Most of them are centered on economic conditions and suffering of the sweeping majority of the people in the highly rich country whose leaders say they could dispense with the world and do not need it.
US Leading newspapers publish every day exciting articles on conditions of the hungry in the big cities and the reader feels as if they are publishing on cities in Africa or in Asia, but the reports are really talking about cities in the United States, mainly New York, capital of the world of finance and gold.
True, suffering of the American administration has begun and did not end , and in line with that began suffering of he American people. If economic conditions continue in aggravation the American administration would not be able to do anything even if it spread its control on all oil fields of the world and their proceeds.