Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/645/Press Review]

June 26 2003

23 June 2003
In a front-page editorial the newspaper says the Arab National Conference's 14th session has been held in Sana'a Monday was a stepping stone of calls for enhancing the national action and Arab solidarity. The circumstances under which the conference is held are convenient for submitting various issues and discussing them bravely and freely to attain the best results the conferees aspire for and waited by our nation. Despite its limited influence on the Arab public opinion up till now, and its incapability to form an instrument of pressure on Arab regimes or on policy- making, the Arab national conference has courageously faced many of the national problems and presented scientific and discreet ideas with regard to stopping Arab deterioration and worked for the civilization project of our nation. Power and effectiveness of the conference can be derived from utilizing that variety of its formation which consists of experienced Arab elite of thinkers and experts in politics and ideology. This elite is affiliate of a large number of Arab nationalist, leftist, liberal and Islamic trends and coming from all Arab countries. Experience has proved that since its first session in Tunisia in 1990 that this variety has made the conference an arena for integrated action and demonstration of various matters and discussing them with deep visions all pouring in interest of the Arab nation.