Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/647/Press Review]

July 3 2003

30 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Saudi-Yemeni coordination council begins its meetings Saturday
– Iraqis are angry, resistance claims Americans' lives
– Project for protection of soil and underground water

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article the Arab setbacks are coming successively and with them continues the hitting below the belt. Perhaps what has lately taken place at the Dead Sea area is the latest of these painful blows that should not be looked at with dead mentalities and conscience. Everything happened at the Forum could be accepted, though with resentment, which we are used to express against hostile attitudes against the Arabs. What is really unbearable and unacceptable is that the Forum was held on an Arab soil and to open the door for a foreign occupying force to represent an Arab country resisting the occupation and its people entertain good reason and it has not yet become an American state to be represented by the governor of the ''new governor''.
What is eye-catching is that it has not happened before in the history of the Arab homeland whose countries had once come under occupation. The sons of those countries were themselves representing their countries at economic and political forums. But when it comes that a representative for occupation comes to represent that Arab country at the forum it means more than the most flagrant hard political challenges but rather offending deeply the Arab dignity. The Arab countries taking art in the forum should have realized the meaning of the slap on their faces and withdrawn from its meetings. By their indifferent response they have endorsed the American occupation and giving the representative of the American occupation an international recognition.