Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/650/Press Review]

July 14 2003

7 July 2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh: Saudi investments would receive care and encouragement
– Enhancement of partnership and doubling efforts of fighting terror
– Detailed confessions by killer of Jaralla Omer on committing his crime
– Kuwait's parliament renews membership of 50% of its members

In his article Dr Mohammed Ahmed al-Nahari tackles the problem of poverty in Yemen saying that the International Monetary Fund, in its quest for alleviating the problem of poverty concentrates on the measure of pensioning a good number of state employees without putting into consideration the circumstances of each country separately. These circumstances include ages, the nature of profession and availability of the alternative etc, while the correct stance is the attempt to open new horizons of production.
Ina country like Yemen suffering from unemployment and cases of bribe for finding a job at the official labor market, the civil services cannot alone fight the phenomenon of bribery but what is wanted from it is to create jobs it is unable to provide. The reality is that the essential infrastructures are not complete yet and the country is still among those employing non-Yemeni labor. There is a flagrant contradiction in our society as a result of three factors: huge educational outputs, absence of a philosophy for employing these outputs and naive obedience to the calls of the International Monetary Fund.