Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

28 July 2003
Main headlined:
– President Saleh: Local Councils, mini-governments and their work should be effective
– FM al-Qirbi: al-Mouyad issue would not affect our relations with Germany, to be reflected on our security cooperation with America
– Human Rights minister: The ministry still works without budget
– Civil service minister: Wages strategy referred to Cabinet, 9 institutions to be restructured
– Aden Refineries Company denies connection to leasing Hajeef installation
– Endowments minister denies intention to interfere in mosques preaches
– Parliament Affairs state minister confirms efforts to enhance Children Parliament experiment
– Attackers of Chinese fishing ship were veiled, could be pirates

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article that after the second Gulf war in 1991, reports mentioned an exciting comment by the Koreans on the American threats to invade their country. The comment came in the form of a cynical question of '' Are we Arabs?''
This cynical comment on the Arabs and the Americans is still repeated by people other than the Koreans. On the Arabs because they've become dummies in the hands of Americans, and on the Americans because they are too unable to approach from the Northern Korean territories even for one inch. The Koreans declare they would not hesitate in using all they have of weapons, from knives to the nuclear bomb. In this reference to the exchanged American-Korean threats as much as the ridiculing way in talking about the Arabs after their land has become a permanent theater of foreign interference and grinding wars. The American administration has shown an unprecedented cowardly and cautious stand versus Korea and the fiercer the blows were the more flexibility is shown and the more acceptance of the political solution to the crisis is expressed by the American administration. Political and military experts explain this American spineless stand by ascribing it to observance of feelings of the South Koreans who refuse attacking their brothers in the north despite the political dispute between them. This is something the Arabs are lacking in and their troubled and confused stands are void of it especially the official circles and the decision makers.
Can we presume that the bitter experiences the nation has gone through and the lessons derived from Iraq's tragedy are enough to make the nation follow suit of the two parts of Korea and urge her to work for removing the bitterness of this black cynicism?