Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/658/Press Review]

August 11 2003

4 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Rate of insurance premiums on ships at Yemeni ports reduced
– Speedy trial for the killer of Yahr mosque children killer
– Zandani retracts from his Fatwa on ''Friends Marriage''
– Aden governor asks the cabinet to quickly solve the issue of 500 employees at the branch of the sea transport establishment
– Active investment movement in the governorate of Hadramout
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says he feels pity for the good writers who are talking about anything that was called the '' Arab Order''. They therefore are trying hard to breathe life in it since the mid of the seventies.
The Arab order was existent even though in its minimum degree and its effect internationally was very evident to an extent making the Israeli entity similar to the racist regime in South Africa and made Zionism equal to racism and Nazism. But the post-Camp David a big loophole had been opened in the wall of the Arab order and that gap continued to get larger and larger till it has almost devoured the entire wall. Since then the Arab have kept asking what has remained of the Arab order? The answer comes painfully disastrous; nothing. Now after the occupation of Iraq under the very nose of the regimes that possess armies and thrones, and the consequences of that humiliating occupation against the nation and history, the talk about an Arab order a kind of scoffing at the reason and ridiculing what remained with the Arab citizen of understanding.
Hence those who want to breathe life in this futile thing have to stop in their useless attempts and look for another way to awaken the nation from her slumber and fall, or more rather from her defeat that modern history has not witnessed alike before.