Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/670/Press Review]

September 22 2003

15 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Plundered properties, body for land transportation instead of the establishment
– Unifying teachers unionist work, stopping of financial deductions
– Ships premiums back to before Cole and Limburg incidents
– Al-Asbahi confirms necessity of organizational commitment, contacts continue with GPC leaders and members
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz a-Maqaleh says in an article discussing the Arab present reality and problems says no doubt the failure of the regimes that succeeded in ruling the Arab countries in digesting the conditions of development and the means of this development, the responsible no. one in the present state and what bad situation engulfing it. It is also without any doubt that examples of development that transferred peoples from a lower position to a better and higher one are available for all. It is not true that what is said about the peoples that were backward and then developed were far from ambitions and adversaries. No people on this earth were safe from suffering from enmities and difficulties but being aware of them and how to deal with them were the factors that gave those peoples the capability of how to surmount them and change them into possibility of challenge and development.
It is quite true and firm that the Arab nation is now more capable of overcoming its situations were its rulers have got higher in their visions and stands and transferred to the stage of feeling that they are ruling countries of one nation not countries characterized by separate entities.