Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/672/Press Review]

September 29 2003

22 Sept. 2003
Main headlines:
– Vice-president: Celebrations reflect struggling values of the history of heroes of the revolution
– Elections Supreme Committee reveals variation between the two laws of local authority and of elections
– The case of deductions fro teachers salaries referred to accountability apparatus
– Justice Minister discloses that 513 judges without work, his ministry needs 3000 policemen
– Sana'a 20th International Book Fair, opened
Columnist Dr Adularia al-Morale says in his article those who are taking a spectator stand and those indifferent of what is going on to their nation at the present time are alone uninterested in the initiatives meant for taking the present Arab situation from the tunnels of despair and frustration and they do not think about salvaging what could be saved of the minimum extent of the Arabs unity in facing the present and coming catastrophes. Those people, some of them at the top of government or in senior positions regarding the cultural and information direction, do not properly linking what is happening in Palestine and in Iraq to what can happen in other Arab countries under justification or without pretext as long as the gates are wide open before the winds of aggression.
The initiatives for unifying the Arab political address to face the Zionist brutality and those supporting it are positive expressions of the nation's conscience at this moment. Founding a consistent Arab order capable of confronting the outside can receive respect from inside and from outside and to end the state of frustration and all abnormal aspirations aimed at dismantling the single country into a group of sectarian and ethnical names. What is happening in Iraq is but an example to be exported to other places after Iraq could have surrendered to the will of the occupier that led the war for the main reason of controlling the wells of oil and its revenues and nothing more than that of what is alleged of founding a democratic regime and liberation of the citizen from the dictatorial rule. Such liberation would not be accomplished but by the hands of the people and political reforms in any country are an internal affair that could not come from outside on board of military tanks and aircraft carriers.