Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/676/Press Review]

October 13 2003

6 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– 2 million square meters of land in Aden to be used for compensating those whose properties had been nationalised
– Aden port resumes receiving huge container ships
– Oil minister Barabba': Arab conference on mineral wealth would usher available opportunities for investment
– local councils conference omprehensive evaluation of all aspects of local authority performance
– Planning minister: Yemen's economy achieved a growth by 3.6%; government feels necessity of intensifying efforts for improving growth
Columnist Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says the concept of terror with all its ugliness cannot contain the role the Zionist entity is playing In Palestine and what it represents of invasion, usurpation, occupation and continuous attempts to annihilate the people of Palestine.
No doubt that there is a feeling of bitterness and sorrow sweeps the Arab homeland towards what is happening to their brethren in Palestine represented by the killing and destruction and terror around the clock. What exacerbates them more is that the Zionist entity use of the word terror to describe the resistants of suppression and annihilation to push away from itself the characteristic of terror and attach it to others who resist its madness and terrorism. Has time approached for the world public opinion to realise more clearly that is the terrorist, and then would not stop at the negative sympathy and issuing statements and protests? Has time not come for world governments to start acting for putting an end to suffering of the Palestinian people and save the future of humanity future from the danger of the real terror represented by tZionist entity?