Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/678/Press Review]

October 20 2003

20 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– GPC condemns the American congress resolution against Syria
– 167 questions by the World Trade Organisation answered by Yemen
– American oil company Vintage digs seven oil wells in Shabwa
– Islah refuses to hand over a school in Shara’ab
Columnist Iskandar al-Asbahi writes an article saying that the concept of press in the age of information has changed. The news is no longer the first goal the newspaper is running after under the prevalence of the satellite channels but rather the details contained in the news item and its backgrounds. The developments in the technology of press production have had their effect on the process of press editing and have developed it towards innovation of new editorial styles and forms. In this direction there must be a new Yemeni press system. The existing system has been affected by stagnation and patching it up would not reform it. There must be a new system keeping pace with changes and meeting needs of the society. I think there are alternatives for a new Yemeni press system, administration, production and content. Such a system could be based on establishing a unified media establishment grouping various media instruments owned by the government especially that now is the age of information empires and media investments.